Cycle de conférences 2019: Tech it to life

Conference 2019 : Réussir sur le marché de la technologie médicale

par Pascal Doguet, Mercredi 3 Avril, ULB (DC2.206).

Conference 2019 : La technologie médicale nous affranchira-t-elle des limitations humaines ?

par Jean-Noël Missa, Mercredi 24 Avril, ULB (DC2.206).

Cycle de conférences 2018: Arts et Ingénierie « Smells like STEAM spirit »
Conference 2018 - Sonic.Taste : Designing sounds to enhance tasting experiences

How can sound influence your taste? by Felipe Reinoso Carvalho, Tuesday 22 March, ULB (UD2.120).

Conference 2018 : Biomimicry as a driving force for aesthetics, innovation and substainable architecture

New practices which better synchronize building cycles with ecological cycles, by Steven Ware, Tuesday 17 April, ULB (UD2.218).

Conference 2018 - International and collaborative arts and science projects by ars electronica, bozar and gluon

Ars Electronica, Bozar and Gluon, by Veronika Liebl & Christophe de Jaeger, Thursday 3 May, ULB (UD2.120).

Conference 2018 : How wil depthsensing impact your world

by Ward vander Tempel & Christopher Littlefaire, Tuesday 8 May, ULB (UD2.120).

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