The École polytechnique de Bruxelles currently employs more than 300 researchers, including 260 doctoral students, and regularly hires new staff.

Why do a PhD ? 

  • To gain expertise
  • To learn how to conceptualise, to think, to manage a project
  • To face a challenge that will enable you to grow
  • To be able, for once, to really follow things through
  • To meet others who are passionate about research (create a network)

A PhD, and after ?

A PhD is a springboard for professions requiring a high level of technical expertise or an excellent ability to deal with complex problems. It leads to positions of responsibility in the academic world, in the public and private sector, including spins-offs.

Funding of researchers

The researcher can finance his research through various sources:

  • Researchers can be hired by the ULB on an assistant position. In this case, the researcher will spend 50% of his time doing doctoral research and 50% of his time supervising the laboratories or exercise sessions of the faculty courses.
  • Researchers can benefit from a grant funded by the FNRS to complete a doctorate for 4 years (aspiring FNRS or FRIA scholarship).
  • Researchers can benefit from a postdoctoral fellowship funded by the FNRS or the Marie Curie European Programme in order to pursue their research after their PhD.
  • Researchers can also be engaged on a research contract obtained by the laboratory where the research is conducted. These contracts often take place in partnership with the company.
Updated on March 30, 2021