Five years to become a civil engineer

Innovate, apply great scientific principles, design original solutions, take into account multidisciplinary and multicultural dimensions, explore new areas of research, develop a professional citizen practice, ... There are a thousand and one reasons to become a civil engineer, but only one way to achieve this: to succeed in the five years of study that the training entails.

Preliminary step: the examen spécial d'admission (in French only)

The examen spécial d'admission allows you to access the studies of civil engineer. As a legal obligation, it is organized by all the academic institutions of the French Community of Belgium offering studies in applied sciences. If successful, you can register in the establishment of your choice. In order to better prepare you for this event, l'École polytechnique de Bruxelles has scheduled classes during the school year and in August.

First step : the Bachelor's degree (in French only)

The bachelor's degree corresponds to three years of 60 credits (180 ECTS). At l'École polytechnique de Bruxelles, you can choose from two orientations: engineer or engineer-architect. These courses offer you solid scientific bases and large-scale projects to put them into practice right from the first year.

Second step : the Master's degree (fully taught in English)

The Master's degree includes two years of 60 credits (120 ECTS). After three years of general training in applied sciences, it is now your specialty. For civil engineers, this means choosing one of seven possible masters: construction, chemistry and materials science, electronics and telecommunications, electromechanics, computer science, physics and biomedical. The civil engineers architects pursue their courses in the master of civil engineering architect. On the practical side, the master offers different projects: team leader, Polydaire, Shell Eco-Marathon, Triaxes, or Development Cooperation. A 12-weeks internship is also planned to develop your professional skills.

Updated on September 9, 2021