Student associations play a central role in the life of the school: they accompany students throughout their journey through different services and events.

Le Bureau Etudiant de Polytechnique (BEP)

Le Bureau Étudiant de Polytechnique links the students to the rest of the School (the administration, the professors and the assistants) on the one hand through the year delegates, who defend the interest of the students, on the other hand through student representation in the Faculty Council. Listening to all students, the BEP helps them to solve their problems, to propose their ideas or to invest in new projects, such as the Polytech Game or WomIn Tech. The BEP also puts in place numerous devices to make life easier for students, such as the "Soirée choix de section", the assisted blockades or a website offering abstracts, old exams and summaries.

Bureau des Etudiants de Polytechnique (BEP)
Local : S.UB1.149
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Le Cercle Polytechnique (CP)

Le Cercle Polytechnique offers you a lively and varied student life thanks to many events. The first evening of the year, the Back to School Evening, is held on the Friday of the first week of classes. This is an opportunity to have a good time with the Polytechnic family and celebrate the beginning of this adventure! You can also enjoy our TDs, pre-TDs, free concerts of the PNTM (the musical group of the circle), a banquet, a Revue and an Enhaurme Ball in the 2nd quadrimestre! At the beginning of the year, the CP also organizes a social sponsorship. This allows you to meet members of the Polytechnic family - students, assistants, professors or graduates - and to forge strong links that will help you throughout your studies. A student baptism is also proposed. It is obviously not mandatory to participate in our events or attend our premises. However, we can only invite you to try the experiment.

Cercle polytechnique (CP)
Local : S.UC1
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Le BEST Brussels ULB

The Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) is an international student office that aims to foster exchange and student relationships. It is composed of more than 95 small local groups such as the ULB all over Europe. Our goal is to enable technology students (ie you!) to develop extra-curricular skills useful for their future engineering profession! You can travel, discover other European countries and their culture, meet technology students from other countries, and take courses on a topic of particular interest to you. The BEST also organizes many events such as the EBEC, a European practical engineering competition, or the Polytech Game, which aims to introduce the School and the world of engineering informally.

BEST Brussels
Local : S.UA1.218
BEST: Board of European Students of Technology
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Updated on December 8, 2023