Fundamental research 

The fundamental research of the EPB is recognized for its excellence. The EPB benefits from prestigious funds to finance its research.

At the European level, the EPB has obtained 5 projects from the European Research Council (ERC):

  • Marco Dorigo (IRIDIA) for his project E-SWARM
  • Alessandro Parente (ATM) for his project VADEMECOM
  • François Leo (OPERA) for his project QuadraComb
  • Hennie Valkenier-Van Dijk (EMNS) for her project ORGANITRA
  • Mauro Birattari (IRIDIA) for his project DEMIURGE

The project BROS of Eduardo Castello (IRIDIA) has also been supported by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme. 

At national level, the EPB participates in 3 Excellence of Sciences (EOS) projects:

  • INTERACT coordinated by the BATir department
  • MUSEWINET in which the Wireless Communication Group participates
  • NITROPLAS in which 4MAT and the Faculty of Sciences participate
  • CHEQS in which QuiC and the Faculty of Sciences participate

Applied research

At EPB, applied research addresses major societal challenges in the areas of health, food, energy, transport, environment and security. It is conducted in partnership with companies active in these areas. The collaboration with the company can be concretized according to different schemes:

  • The company can simply mentor a research project and advise the EPB during the project.
  • The EPB and the company may be partners in a publicly funded project, such as regional grants for the funding of applied research.
  • The company can ultimately directly finance the EPB's research.

The numerous contacts that the EPB has with the company ensure the relevance of its research for the company.

Updated on February 3, 2023