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Versatile, the electromechanical engineer has a broad spectrum of knowledge in energy, electricity, mechanics, mechatronics and the management of industrial processes. He / she takes into account technical, socio-economic, ethical and environmental challenges to design innovative electrical equipment in the aeronautics, robotics, energy or transport sectors, or any other industrial field requiring large abstraction, design and analysis, modeling and simulation capabilities. Both passionate about new technologies and concerned about sustainability issues, he / she plays a key role in the transition of energy-intensive sectors.


The training provides, from BA3, a broad theoretical common core in electricity, electronics, automatics, mechanics, fluid mechanics, electrical and thermal machines, as well as the associated calculation methods. Students will then be able to specialize and study one of the five major options in the field: Aeronautics, Robotics and mechatronics construction, energy, transport and Operation engineering and management.

  • Aeronautics: students will become engineers who are competent in the many aspects of cutting-edge technologies in the aeronautics sector and their spin-off possibilities in other industrial sectors. The programme includes all aspects of construction, exploitation and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft.
  • Energy: students will become engineers who are specifically well-acquainted with systems for production, transport distribution and electronic conversion of energy, as well as its transformation into mechanical energy. Sustainable energy, rational use of energy and energy management are also covered.
  • Robotics and Mechatronics-Construction: students will become engineers who are able to optimally design, produce, maintain and apply complex electromechanical systems.
  • Sustainable Transport and Automotive : students will become engineers who can design systems in which transportation of people and goods are central, with special attention to innovative, environmentally friendly vehicles.
  • Operation engineering and management : provides specialisation in ogistics management, quality management, supervision, decision engineering and process modelling. This degree also covers aspects of economics, marketing, accounting, human resources management, corporate social responsibility and leadership. 

On the practical side, the first year offers a choice of project: a personal electromechanical engineering project, a development cooperation project, the team leader project, the Polydaire project or even the Eco-Marathon. The second year includes a 12-week internship in a company (optional) and a thesis, carried out in a research center with a possible industrial partner.

What's next ?

Thanks to a very generalist training, electromechanical engineers will find vast career opportunities in design offices, industry, public services, research and higher education or tertiary sector.

Updated on January 9, 2024