International Master in English in partnership with the VUB

The engineer architect combines scientific rigor and creativity. Interlocutor for all stakeholders in the construction and management of space, he/she is able to articulate the human, social, cultural and contextual aspects of a project with those arising from issues related to the building , to its implementation and to the management of the site. Both designer and builder, he/she ensures the integration of the building into its neighborhood and the well-being of future users through a sustainable design.


The Master in Architecture and Engineering completes the Bachelor training which combines architecture and engineering: it combines the technical and scientific mastery with an ability to design and build complex buildings. Courses cover sustainable building design, construction project management, structural engineering, architectural sciences, materials engineering, geotechnics and 3D modeling.

To support the theory, the students carry out in the first year a project to restructure a neighborhood in the city and the development of one of the proposed buildings. In the second year, future civil engineers and architects respond to a call for projects in the field of infrastructure development and major architectural competition projects. An internship in a company can be carried out at the end of the Master. Finally, all students end their studies with a thesis.

MA1 : Architectural project

Architecture and urbanity: restructuring project of a city district with integration of technically complex contemporary architecture in the context of current urban spaces


MA2 : Project competition

Students are placed in a realistic context of setting up business in the field of infrastructure development and major real estate projects. The competition takes place over 24 hours in groups (preferably multidisciplinary) of 4 students in the form of a role play which consists of preparing a proposal for a response to a competition project.


What's next ? 

The Master in Architecture and Engineering leads to a wide range of professions in the design and construction sector. Indeed, any large building project requires, from its conception to its completion, a person capable of associating and coordinating the contextual, urban, aesthetic, social, structural and technical aspects. We therefore find civil engineers and architects at all stages of a construction project.

The engineer architect can also orient his career towards research or project management in companies or in public administrations.

Updated on January 9, 2024