After a research and development phase, the researcher can valorise the results of his work in the form of a patent. With the help of a license agreement, he can then authorize an existing company to develop and market products or services related to his research. But this is not his/her only option: its discovery can also lead to the creation of a spin-off, a company linked to the University whose objective is to commercialize the results of the research.

ULB in support

The École polytechnique in Brussels promotes the development and transfer of technologies to the world of business. To achieve this, it relies on three pillars: ULB's Technology Transfer Office (TTO) to support researchers in the transfer of their technologies, high-tech incubators that offer an interesting infrastructure during the creation a company (EEBIC, Solvay Entrepreneurs, Biopark, I-Tech) and the Théodorus investment fund which covers the risk associated with starting a spin-off.

Spin-offs made in EPB

The EPB is actively involved in the creation of specialized jobs in Brussels and the Walloon Region. In 20 years, the EPB has created 20 spin-offs, 19 of which are still active today:

Name Object Laboratory
Lambda-X Space optics and optics methodology MRC
Micromega-logo Vibration deadening system ASL
EHP-logo Thermal regulation of spatial devices MRC
Mentis Artificial Intelligence consulting CoDe
Ovizio-logo Water quality assessment via holographic microscopy MRC
EndoTools Therapeutics Endoscopic devices Beams
D-Sgight-logo Support to multicriteria decision aid CoDe
Calyos-logo Loop Heat Pipe cooling solutions MRC
SQR-Technologies-logo Computer services based on quantum technologies Quic
Amoobi-logo Mobile positioning OPERA
In Silico (2012) Web-based genomic database management system CoDe
Dart-logo Decision making tool in the logistics field Beams
YouKnowatt-logo Electrical devices consumption measuring Beams
Hipperos-logo High Performance Parallel Embedded Real-time OS Beams
Amia-logo Lean manufacturing Beams
Noho-logo Treatment of lymphatic edema Beams
Kabandy-logo Interoperability solutions for building information modeling BATir
Updated on May 21, 2019