Research at the École polytechnique de Bruxelles employs 300 people and covers all engineering sciences. Its field of application is vast and deals with major societal themes such as health, food, energy, transport, environment or security. It benefits each year from a budget of more than 15 million euros thanks to the funding of major research projects at regional, federal and European level. The École polytechnique de Bruxelles is also an actor of the economy thanks to the valorisation of its projects and the creation of spin-offs.

"Research allows me to explore many disciplines: mechanics, programming, electronics, medical aspects, and many others. This multidisciplinarity brings a real variety in the daily work, but also allows to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds. And obviously all in a great atmosphere! "  

Maxime Pétré - researcher at Beams


6 European Research Council Grants


45 academics recruited over the past 10 years


19 spin-offs launched since 1996


3 Excellence of Sciences projects


More than 300 researchers including 260 PhD students


75 full-time academics


Annual budget, in euros


2 Marie Curie Excellence Awards

Updated on February 9, 2021