How to propose an internship?
The School considers that finding an internship is part of the apprenticeship of the internship and does not take any steps in this direction. However, there are various ways to contact students:
  • Send a proposal by email to the internship manager (see form below)
  • Meet directly with students at Job Fair (
  • Pass by le Bureau des Étudiants de Polytechnique (BEP)
How to propose a good internship?
  • Suggest a subject requiring the integration of the student into the team
  • The internship does not have to consist of only one project. To propose several projects during the internship can be enriching for the student
  • Try to empower the student and make him more autonomous
  • Give as much feedback as possible throughout the course
What do I commit to?
  • To appoint a tutor, the direct supervisor of the student during his internship
  • Make sure that the student will be given tasks similar to those that could be entrusted to a junior engineer
  • Give regular feedback to the trainee
  • To make available the material necessary for the proper performance of the task entrusted
  • Participate in the mid-term meeting. This meeting takes place in situ and brings together the student, the training supervisor, the supervisor and if possible, one of the persons in charge of the placement scheme. Its purpose is to give a first feedback to the student and to set the end-of-course objectives. This meeting is also important because it is a trial run for the evaluation interview.
  • Participate in the final interview of the student. This assessment takes place around mid-December in Ixelles. It lasts 30 minutes. The presence of the tutor is crucial because the discussion with the jury members has a significant effect on the mark given to the student

Internship proposal form 

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Updated on May 23, 2019