Welcome to the Brussels School of Engineering

The School of Engineering was founded in 1871 and since then has been training women and men to master and develop new technologies. With over 1200 students, the School offers training from bachelor to PhD levels. Its education programs are strongly linked to an intensive pioneering research spanning from fundamental activities to direct development in collaboration with industries.

The School is internationally recognized and its education programs are accredited by EUR-ACE and the « Commission des titres d’ingénieurs » (CTI), two international accreditations of quality in higher education.

The School of Engineering of Brussels is an integral part of Université libre de Bruxelles, an international and multicultural university which plays a major role in technological, economic, social and cultural development. The University and the School of Engineering have developed a worldwide network with prestigious Universities around the world. The School is a founding member of the T.I.M.E. network, an association of more than 50 Schools of Engineering across the world. One of the University’s main aims is to provide students with a solid foundation in critical thinking as well as a taste for research, while answering the needs of new audiences.

The Université libre de Bruxelles is located in Brussels, the cosmopolitan heart of Belgium and Europe. The city of Brussels offers all the advantages of a capital city and the quality of life of a large and lively town. Located in the city center, the University campuses and surrounding areas are extremely attractive, providing just the right mix between study and leisure.